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greenwingicons's Journal

Green Wing Icon and Graphics Community
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[about greenwingicons]

This is a community for fans of the wounderful show Green Wing to post icons and graphics.
All fans are welcome, whatever their skill or participation level.

Membership is open & unmoderated.
If you delete your lj, you will be removed from the members list. Feel free to re-join if you undelete it.



Remain on topic. All posts should be related to Green Wing and contain at least one graphic or icon.
Do no flame anyone, all critique should be helpful and respectful if given.
Do not disable comments to your entries.
If you have a question for one of the mods, email her directly.
Post larger images behind an LJ-cut.
If you post more than 3 icons, they also go behind an LJ-cut.
Don't post any entry asking for episode downloads.
Feel free to advertise other Bones communities, just don't over-do it.
All icons containing spoilers should be under an LJ-cut.


[the icon challenge]

Challenges will be issued Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Screencaps and/or lyrics will be posted.
Your icon should be lj icon-sized: 100x100px or smaller, 40K or smaller.
Animated gifs & pngs are acceptable.
Do not promote your icon/troll for votes.
All work should be your own.
Submit it to the post where the challenge was issued.
Comments will be screened.
When icons are posted for voting, vote for your top three favorites, but not yourself.
Winners will be posted about 24 hours later.

Banners for winners are made by twisted_badger


[the mod(s) here]

Community was created by twisted_badger
You may contact her in her personal journal or at twisted_badger@livejournal.com.
The co-mod and mod of all challenges here is miss_jaffacake. she is very friendly and you can contact her here or via her userinfo.


Welcome, and have fun!


[livejournal communities]

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createthefuture - x files 2 writing campaign
weedsicons - same as above but with WEEDS


[green wing on the web]

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